Saade Vol 1. Has Been Released!

The waiting is now over! Saade Vol. 1 has been released on 29th June 2011. I've been waiting this album to be released since the Eurovision Song Contest had ended last month. Saade Vol. 1 is the second studio album by Eric Saade, who finished third in this year's ESC with 185 points. This album is really made of pop. Below is the official tracklist of this album. Some of the songs shown below might be in The25 in week 10.

1. Timeless
2. Hearts In The Air feat. J-son
3. Me And My Radio
4. Made Of Pop
5. Popular (Album Remix)
6. Someone New
7. Killed By A Cop
8. Big Love
9. Stupid With You
10. Echo
- Bonustrack Still Loving It
- Bonustrack Popular(Original Version)
My Reviews: 

Overall - The album is amazing. My favourite songs in Saade Vol. 1 are 'Popular', 'Someone New', 'Big Love', 'Made of Pop' and 'Heart in the Air'. I give 9 out of 10 points.

Timeless - The album's opening track, 'Timeless' is quite good. It is not boring though. In spite of being a mid-tempo number, it manages to hint towards what both the up-tempos and the ballads on the album have to offer.

Hearts In The Air - Making this song the second single of this album is a smart choice. This song sounds more international than Popular which sounds more europop. To summarize, this song is one of my favourite from this album.

Me And My Radio - This song might be one of my least favourite song in this album. It has a delightfully simple melody to it. Despite of being one of the more pop orientated cuts on the album, it still sounded too soft and smooth.

Made Of Pop - This song is fabulous and it is as good as 'Popular' and 'Big Love'. It is an electro pop song and it one of my favourite song in this album. The production, the verses, the chorus, the post-chorus, the middle eight – it’s an absolute belter of a song. And lyrically, it’s the embodiment of what Eric Saade is doing with this album – staking his claim as a new Prince of international pop.

Popular (Album Remix) -  The remix is quite impressive eventhough is sounds almost the same as the original.

Someone New - This is my second favourite song from this album behind Popular. Eventhough the song is the only slow songs in the crowd of pop songs, ‘Someone New’ is probably be a heartbreaker! A forlorn and emotional sounding Eric sings about the loss of his love interest to someone else – someone new. And the melody perfectly accentuates the sadness of the song, by adding an unbearable but brilliant drama to it. I love it

Killed By A Cop -  Like a lot of the songs on ‘Saade Vol.1’, this is a club track with a big pop chorus and an even bigger post-chorus section.I really like the post-chorus. The post-chorus is good that makes the song even catchier.

Big Love - ‘Big Love’ follows the album template of up-tempo and rousing pop electronica, with a chorus that holds its biggest punch until halfway through its first delivery. This is one of my favourite song in this album. The song is so energetic and so up-tempo. The chorus is so good. You should listen to it.

Stupid With You - This song might be one of my least favourite song from this album. My comment is basically the same as my comment on 'Me and My Radio'

Echo -  This song is quite good. My comment is basically the same as my comment on 'Timeless'. It is not boring though, just not good enough to impress me.

Still Loving It - The first single or some sources say it is just a promotional single is not good enough to be my favourite. It combine both slow instrumental musical instrumental with pop and the combination is not right.

Popular - This song is just amazing. The song is my favourite song and the best song in this album. I've never sick of listening this song. This is an europop song and it sounds so good every seconds especially the chorus.

© 2011 Hafiz Halwi
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