Through My Window get good result again!

'Through My Window' achieved good result again. The song sung by Bunkface ended up at 5th place in the final of World Music Contest 5th edition with only 87 points while the song won the 1st semi-final again, just like in OVSC #3 with 128 points. It is kinda weird that the points in the semi-final is more than in the final. Nevertheless, the song is a great song and is one of people's favourite song in the edition.

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Other highlights:
  1. Holly Dolly's Dolly Song enter the 3rd edition of World Music Contest and failed to qualify to the final. The song was placed 11th with 72 points in its semi-final.
  2. 'Kau Bisu' sung by Alyah qualify for the final in OurVision Song Contest #4 with 138 points but ended up last place in the final with 71 points.
  3. 'Funny Little World' by Alexander Rybak get 4th place in its semi-final with 163 points and get 5th place in the final of OVSC #4 with 185 points.
  4. 'What You Waiting For' failed to qualify for the final in OVSC #5. The song ended up 9th place with 102 points. I am still shocked that this song failed to qualify for the final because this song is Malaysian favourite English song last year (if I am not mistaken).
So, for every Malaysian who have read this, please vote for Malaysia in World Music Contest and OurVision Song Contest. Thank You!

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