How I Met Your Mother Season 7 Episode 1 | Highlights

Assalamualaikum. Last Tuesday, I have watch both episode 1 and episode 2 of How I Met Your Mother Season 7. The episodes are absolutely amazing and I have fun watching it, especially episode 1. I was laughing out loud when watching the episode. Episode 2 is quite a typical HIMYM episode. There are not so much outstanding things in the episode though it attracted 1.22 million viewers than the first episode. These are several of the highlights or things that I find interesting in episode 1 (The Best Man).

Classic Schmosby the Remix | I love this remix! This remix is just hilarious. I cannot stop laughing. This is the best remix I have ever listened. Besides, I have watch it many times already.

Barney and Robin Wedding Dance Scene | This is the best highlight in this episode. Barney and Robin dance scene is something new in How I Met Your Mother. This scene is not something familiar and it really turned me on and fired me up even more to watch How I Met Your Mother when I watch them dancing. Moreover, I am now listening to the song background of the dance scene entitled "Groove Is In The Heart'. Though the song is from 1990, it really sounds great. The dance is just fabulous and I have watch it quite a few times. This is the best dance ever!

Lily tells the group that she is pregnant | I am so happy for the group when I watch this part. The rest members of the group (excluding Marshall and Lily) are so happy about the news and I am so happy to see that. I am expected to see Barney complaining about that be it does not happen. He is also happy about Lily's pregnancy.

Ted's Wedding Toast | This is also one of my highlight in this episode or should I say this season?

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