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3D laptops are fast becoming popular as more and more are looking towards the 3D technology
3-dimensional objects were once not possible to be projected through, obviously, 2-dimensional screens. What you see was what you get. But with technology advancements, we are now able to view 3D graphics in the cinema, via our televisions, on our mobiles and of course, on our laptops as well.

So, if ordinary laptops aren't quite your thing anymore, here are some of the best 3D laptops.

1) HP Envy 17 3D

The HP Envy 3D is the second generation of the successful HP envy series with 3D capabilities added

The HP Envy 17 3D is the second generation of the Envy series and it certainly doesn't disappoint. This slim and stylish laptop is not just about looking pretty on the outside; it stills packs a punch when it comes to performance.

With a core i7 processor, 6gigabyte ram and a HD 1080p display, viewing blu-ray DVDs in 3D graphics with the full glory of HD would not be a problem. The HP Envy uses TriDef 3D software with XpanD glasses, instead of the more established Nvidia 3D vision platform. That might be something you'd want to take note of if you are considering this machine.

2) Toshiba Satellite A666-3DV

This Toshiba has what it takes to be a big competitor in this segment with one of the best 3D functionality

For hardcore 3D fans, Toshiba Satellite A666-3DV would definitely be the one to go for.

The Toshiba Satellite uses the popular Nvidia 3D Vision support and consists of all the required 3D compatible hardware needed for a complete 3D gaming experience. The only drawback, however, is probably the 15.6inch screen not justifying the internal hardware as well as the price.

3) Sony Vaio F Series 3D 
The Sony Vaio F continues on the fine styling of the Vaio series as well as power-packed performance

The F series is Sony's entry to the 3D laptop market and boy, did they do a good job. The Vaio F is loaded with a Core i7-2820QM quad-core processor 2.30GHz and up to 8GB RAM.

Apart from all the expected features like full HD 1080p, BluRay Drive and S-Force front surround 3D system/Dolby Home Theater v3, the Vaio actually has a dedicated button to change 2D movies into 3D for ease of watching Bluray or DVD on 3D.

With such impressive specs and easy-to-use functionality, the Vaio F looks to be the best all rounder in the category.

4) Toshiba Qosmio F755-3D290
The Toshiba Qosmio is a unique product where glasses are not necessary when viewing 3D

If wearing 3D glasses is a hassle for you, fret not, because the Toshiba Qosmio F755-3D290 is actually a glasses-free 3D laptop. Using an eye-tracking device to adjust images on the fly allows the user to experience a fuller 3D experience.

This laptop pretty much speaks for itself. However, the Qosmio is not compatible with video games or video-streaming contents, only BluRay and in-house 3D files. Thus the Toshiba Qosmio can be more impressive with some upgrades.

5) Alienware M17x 3D
The Alienware sticks to its roots with this laptop with emphasis placed on gaming
A household name in the gamers world, Alienware is one of the most recognizable brands out there.

The Alienware M17x 3D may be their 3D model, but the brand has not deviated away from its main focus, with quality gaming as their first priority.

A wide array of light display is what greets you upon first unveil. Once you get in, the Nvidia 3D Vision powers the 3D graphics to allow users to experience 3D gaming on a lower game setting level. The in-built speaker with subwoofers creates a fantastic sound quality to accompany the fine graphics.  

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