MY Sound #1 has started


The first edition of MY Sound has started. Four songs has entered MY Sound #1. They are 'Mencari Konklusi' by Hujan, 'Steer This Ship' by James Baum, 'Drama' by Ning Baizura ft. Nikki and Yanie and 'Sungai Lui' by Aizat. Three songs enter in MY Sound are in Malay while only one song in English. So, please vote in MY Sound #1. Below is the official music video for 'Mencari Konklusi' and 'Sungai Lui'. I could not find the music videos for the other two songs. Nevertheless, you can download any of the participating song below.

Click here to vote. Please cast your vote in the video of MY Sound #1. The voting will close on 23 September 2011 (Friday). Terima Kasih (Thank You).

Participating songs

Click to enlarge

Vote (MY Sound #1)

Music video for 'Mencari Konklusi'

Music video for 'Sungai Lui'

 Download the songs.

Download 'Mencari Konklusi'
Download 'Steer This Ship'
Download 'Drama'
Download 'Sungai Lui'

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