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MY Sound (is an abbreviation for Malaysian Sound) is created as a national selection for Malaysia in OurVision SongContest (OVSC). This contest has started on 16 September 2011 for 10th edition of OVSC.

  • Everyone can submit a song regardless of nationality.
  •  You can only send one entry for each edition.
  • Only songs sung by Malaysian artists are able to enter.  
  • The songs can be either in Malay or in English or both. Songs in other languages are also accepted.
  • Songs that have entered 2nd edition of OVSC until 9th edition of OVSC are not being able to enter. The songs are `Ilusi’ by Adira (OVSC #2), `Through My Window’ by Bunkface (OVSC #3), `Kau Bisu’ by Alyah (OVSC #4), `What You Waiting For’ by Mizz Nina feat. Colby O’Donis (OVSC #5), `Hambamu’ by Mawi feat. Akhil Hayy (OVSC #6), `Suasana Hari Raya’ by Anuar Zain & Elina (OVSC #7), `Jahat’ by Stacy (OVSC #8) and `Cinta Kosmik’ by The Fabulous Cats (OVSC #9).
  • The song submitted cannot be a cover version or remix (unless it is an official cover version or remix).
  • The song submitted cannot be an instrumental song.
  • Song can be submitted by sending me a personal message on YouTube.
  • The winning song will represent Malaysia in OVSC.
  • The winning artist in OVSC will enter again in the next OVSC with different song sung by the artist.
  • All songs that have participated in previous MY Sound but failed to win MY Sound can enter again in the next edition of MY Sound.
  • The voting system used is (2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 points for your favourite song).
  • You can cast your vote by  by posting a comment under the video of the recap of songs or sending me a personal message on YouTube.
  • Everyone from all over the world can vote but you can only vote once for each edition.
  • You cannot vote for your own song and it is compulsory for you to vote if you have submitted song in MY Sound. If you fail to do so, the song will be disqualified.
  • Starting from MY Sound #5, anyone who have submitted songs must vote and they cannot vote for their own song. Their vote will be taken as jury votes while votes from other voters will be counted as televotes (split 50/50).
  • YouTube accounts that have just been created less than one month cannot vote.
  • The voting period is open during both semi-finals of OVSC and the voting result will be announced during the final of OVSC.
  • All news about MY Sound will be posted on
  • All videos of recap of songs will be uploaded on  

© 2011 Hafiz Halwi
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