Proton Pahlawan Series

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Assalamualaikum. I am really interested in Proton new concept cars that I have just knew. The cars were showcased on December 2010. The cars are not bad and some of the designs are outstanding! For more information, please visit Proton official website.

Tuah | The Tuah is a balance of function and aesthetic.

 This is my favourite car from the Proton Pahlawan Series. It looks classy and versatile. 




  Lekir | The Lekir is agility and sophistication made perfect.

 This car quite a nice car though it looks like Lotus racing car.



Lekiu | The Lekiu unites urban and adventure into one.

  This car is my second favourite from Proton Pahlawan Series. It is really a fantastic car after Tuah!



Jebat | The Jebat represents purebred racing passion.

  This car is not so bad. I am not really a fan of racing cars but it looks fabulous though it looks like a typical racing car.



Kasturi | The idea to uplift Saga's brand value is now Kasturi.

  This is my least favourite of all cars in Proton Pahlawan Series. It looks exactly like the current Proton Saga.


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