What A Man | Lena Meyer-Landrut

'What A Man' by Lena Meyer-Landrut. This is the song that I have been looking for since a fortnight ago, I guess. When I listened to the preview of the music video, I really like the song and the music video especially. After I watch the full music video, I am a little disappointed with the song. The music video is awesome, nice-looking and really satisfying but the song did not fulfill my expectation. I hope this song will be like 'Taken By A Starnger' case. I do not really like 'Take By A Stranger' at first, but after I listen and listen after that, I started to like the song. In fact, the song is my second favourite song in Eurovision Song Contest 2011 after 'Popular' by Eric Saade. I hope this song will have the same case like her third single. Anyway, please enjoy the song!

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