MY Sound #4

 The fourth edition of MY Sound will start on Monday, 17 October 2011. Seven songs will compete to represent Malaysia in OurVision Song Contest (OVSC) #13. All competing songs are as below.

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  • 2 songs from previous MY Sound will be competing again in this edition of MY Sound. There are `Mencari Konklusi’ by Hujan and `Kisah Hati’ by Alyah
  • This edition will again be featuring an English song while the rest of the songs are in Malay, just like MY Sound #1 and #2
  • James Baum, the winner of the very first edition of MY Sound will compete again with `One Night’
  • Bunkface, who represent Malaysia in OVSC #3 with ‘Through My Window’ will compete in MY Sound #4 with `Situasi’
  • The voting system from MY Sound #2 and #3 will be used again in this edition.
 Please cast your vote in MY Sound #4. Click here to vote. The voting will close on as soon as the second semi-final of OVSC #11 ends. Terima kasih.

Download ''Awan Nano"
Download ''One Night"
Download ''Situasi"
Download ''Tolong Ingatkan Aku"
Download ''Mencari Konklusi"
Download ''Hatimu Milikku"
Download ''Kisah Hati"

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