MY Sound 6

The sixth edition of MY Sound will start on Sunday, 15 November 2011. Eight songs will compete to represent Malaysia in OurVision Song Contest (OVSC) 15. All competing songs are as below.

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  • This is the first edition of MY Sound that have eight competing songs for OVSC 15.
  • 4 artists who have recently competed in MY Sound 3 will compete again in this edition.
  • Only 1 English song will compete in this edition.
  • Suki Low will compete again with 'Berdiri' after only managed to get fourth place in MY Sound 3.
  • 'Kasanova' is one of the returning song for this edition. 'Kasanova' was placed third in its first participation in MY Sound 3.
  • 'Sungai Lui' will enter again for the second time after only managed to get third place in the very first edition of MY Sound.
  • Jaclyn Victor will join again with her hit single 'Gemilang'. She is one of the singer of the winning song in MY Sound 3 entitled 'Beribu Sesalan' which managed to get eighth place in OVSC final.
  • Stacy, who represented Malaysian in OVSC 8 with the winning song of the very first edition of Malaysian Song of the Decade (MYSotD) entitled 'Jahat' will not only participating in this edition with her current single 'Kasanova' but will also participate with a duet song entitled 'Jahatnya Cinta' with Akim, who has participated in MY Sound 3 with 'Bengang'. For your information, the song is an official mash-up of Stacy's song 'Jahat' and' Akim's song 'Inilah Cinta'.
  • Stacy is the second singer after Nikki Palikat, the winner of MY Sound 5 to have two songs competing in one edition of MY Sound simultaneously.
  • Hafiz, who previously participated in MY Sound 4 with 'Awan Nano', will compete again with his second single entitled 'Noktah Cinta'.
Returning Songs

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 Returning Artists

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 Please cast your vote in MY Sound 6. Click here to vote. The voting will close on as soon as the second semi-final of OVSC 14 ends (Monday, 21 November 2011). Terima kasih.

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