HP launches the HP Omni 27 | HP's latest all-in-one PC is its largest to date at 27-inch

HP's new Omni 27 is its largest All-in-One PC to date, with an impressive 27-inch high definition (HD) screen.

HP computers have always been known to seamlessly partner style with performance, as seen in the HP Touchpad and Folio13 Ultrabook launched last year.

Their latest offering -- HP Omni 27 all-in-one PC, is no exception as well. Specifically designed for consumers looking for a wholesome package in terms of style and simplicity, the HP Omni 27 is the first all-in-one PC to feature a High Definition (HD) screen. 

Boasting a 27-inch high definition screen and 2.5GHz of processing power all in a sleekly designed body, the HP Omni 27 promises both style and performance in one machine.

The HP Omni 27 is definitely a combination of both beauty and substance, boasting a powerful 2.5GHz i5 core processor, two terabyte of storage space and audio by Beats Audio.

HP's Magic Canvas software allows users to customize their desktop page according to their own requirements, creating a truly limitless desktop.

With the HP Omni 27, users can also expect greater convenience and usability with features like the new HP Magic Canvas software, which allow users limitless and fully customizable desktop space to suit each individual need. It is certainly a nifty tool for users who are not exactly big fans of cluttered home screens and crave greater accessibility.

The HP Omni 27 All-in-One PC will be available at authorized HP retailers at a recommended retail pricing of US$1,199. For more information, please visit www.hp.com.

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