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The 25 Week 18

Good afternoon! This is my weekly chart for singles. Only 25 songs are eligible to enter the singles chart.
'Gospodine' by Nataša Bekvalac & Emina Jahović debuts at no.1 while 'If A Song Could Get Me You' by Marit Larsen debuts at no.2. 'Kisah Hati' ascends 2 spots to no. 3. Most probably the song will top the chart next week. 'Drama', 'Mau Yang Besar', 'Oh My!' and 'Cinta Kosmik' debut at no.4, no.5, no.6 and no.7 respectively. Last two week topper 'Canta Por Mim' falls to no. 10. A total of 11 songs are making their debut this week and 6 songs re-enter the chart this week.
Biggest jump: Kisah Hati by Alyah (5-3) Biggest fall: First Kiss by Alexander Rybak (10-24) Debut  : 11 songs Re-enter: 6 songs
No. Title Artist(s) Movement 1 Gospodine Nataša Bekvalac & Emina Jahović DEBUT

The 15 Week 7

Hello everyone! This is my chart for albums. Only 15 albums are eligible to enter the chart.

Alexander Rybak second studio album entitled 'No Boundaries' stays its second weeks reign on the top of The15. 'Fairytales' descends 2 spots from no. 2 last week while 'Saade Vol.1' jumps 4 spots to no. 2. Safura's 'It's My War' ascends 2 spots to no. 3 and at no. 5 is 'Masquerade'. No new album is making debut this week. 4 albums re-enter this week.

These are the statistic of The15 this week.