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MY Sound 9 | Results

The ninth edition of MY Sound for Ourvision Song Contest (OVSC) 21 has come to an end. And we have a winner! The winning song will represent Malaysia in 21th edition of OVSC.

The winning song won with 18.78% votes. The song is "Crazy" by Ash Nair. The song was submitted by HvdstrCBfr. MY Sound 9 used the same voting system used in MY Sound 5. "Crazy" won the extra 12 points from jury but only managed to win the extra 10 points from televoting. In addition, "Crazy" is one of the songs participating in this edition without getting any null points (besides the song submitter) besides "Ketulusan Hati", "Disaat Aku Mencintaimu" and "Imaginasi". "Crazy also won the edition with the highest points ever collected for a winning song, which is 142 points, beating the previous record held by the winner of MY Sound 2, "Years from Now" and MY Sound 8 winner, "Falling in Love" with 134 points. The user, HvdstrCB…

MY Sound 9

The ninth edition of MY Sound will start on Wednesday, 25 January 2012. Seven songs will be competing to represent Malaysia in Ourvision Song Contest (OVSC) 21. All competing songs are as below.

Three returning artists will compete against four debuting artists to win the ninth edition of MY Sound. Two of the debuting artists have represented Malaysia in OVSC.Only one English son will compete in this edition.Hafiz, who has represented MY Sound twice, will sing a duet entitled "Ombak Rindu" with Adira, who represented Malaysia when Malaysia makes its debut in Ourvision Song Contest 2.Nikki Palikat will enter again in this edition after failed to win MY Sound for the second time in the last edition. For the record, Nikki is the only artist to enter MY Sound five times, which is more than any other artists who have participate in MY Sound.Stacy, who represented Malaysia twice with MYSotD winner "Jahat" and "Kasanova", will enter MY Sound for the third tim…

The 25 Week 34

Good afternoon! This is my weekly chart for singles. Only 25 songs are eligible to enter the singles chart.

"Bien évidemment" ascends to the top of the chart after 3 weeks in Top 5. Former two-week No. 1 "My Love" wants to continue its stay at No. 1 but always been stalled by new songs. "My Love" is currently at No. 2. Both singles from Aizat, "Sungai Lui" and "Years From Now" climbs into the Top 5 for the first time after being in The25 for quite some time. "Sungai Lui" climbs 12 positions at No. 3 and "Years From Now" climbs 13 positions at No. 4. Not only that, "SexyBack" also climbs 6 positions back into the Top 5. In fact, all songs on Top 5 are ascending from their original positions. To conclude, 4 songs managed to make their debut and 3 songs re-enter this week.