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10 Inventions that Wiped Out Businesses

The forward march of technology is both unforgiving and unstoppable. As it mercilessly weeds out the old in favor of the new, once-beloved products and services become less favored by consumers, while others simply become obsolete.

It’s always been this way. The horse and buggy was once the dominant means of travel for Americans, but once the automobile was invented formerly solvent buggy makers found themselves out of a job.
This dynamic repeats itself whenever an invention comes along that significantly improves on a previous one. It’s particularly true when the invention offers convenience and ease of use. What follows is a list of products and services that became so indispensable to consumers that they instantly lost interest in their previous favorites.

What are some inventions that killed other products and services? lets find out.

Apple iPod

The iPod is a portable media player introduced by Apple in 2001. Prior to the iPod, the Sony Walkman was the most popular music p…

Hotter Than Fire | Eric Saade

'Hotter Than Fire' by Eric Saade feat. Dev. 'Hotter Than Fire' is the brand new single from Eric Saade, featuring the American popstar DEV. The single will be released on November 2nd. It's taken from the upcoming album "SAADE VOL 2" that will be released November 30th.

My review: The song is amazing! It is so much like 'Made of Pop' from his second studio album, 'Saade Vol. 1'. I really like the opening part of the song. The chorus is a little disappointing though the lyrics for the chorus is well-written. In my opinion, the song is quite amazing but I do not think it will be better than 'Made of Pop', 'Popular' and definitely 'Upgrade'. Anyway, please enjoy the song!

© 2011 Hafiz Halwi

Hotter Than Fire | Preview

Well we don’t know about you, but to us, this is pretty much EVENT POP! The arrival of a brand new Eric Saade single.

It’s ‘Hotter Than Fire’, it’s featuring Dev, and it’s released this Wednesday. However, Eric is allowing fans to hear an exclusive preview of it right here and right now. So let’s not wait any further shall we……

Click here to listen to the preview.

Just like he raised his game from the ‘Masquerade’ era to the ‘Saade Vol.1′ era, so ‘Hotter Than Fire’ does genuinely feel like he’s moved up to yet another level. It’s intensely catchy – not just the chorus, but the verses too. For reasons that will become clear when you hear the full thing, we haven’t quite been able to forget the word(s?) “advance-vance……..a-advance-vance“! Fans of name checks at the beginning of songs will also be pleased to hear Eric triumphantly announce the presence of Dev, and Dev herself acknowledge Eric Saade at the start of ‘Hotter Than Fire’. And yes – she does pronounce Saade …

Semester 2 2011

Assalamualaikum. I just finished Semester 2 2011 this morning. This exam is the most difficult exam I have ever sit so far in my entire life. Just fucking difficult. Though I have prepared one week before the exam, it was still not enough to make all the exams easy to answer. Below is the ranking for Semester 2 from the easiest (1) paper to the most difficult paper (23). This time, I included Sivik and PJK in the ranking.

Mathematics Paper 1Additional Mathematics Paper 1Pendidikan Islam Kertas 1Pendidikan Jasmani dan KesihatanMathematics Paper 2Bahasa Melayu Kertas 1English Paper 1Pendidikan Islam Kertas 2English Paper 2Additional Mathematics Paper 2Sejarah Kertas 1Bahasa Melayu Kertas 2Physics Paper 3Biology Paper 2Biology Paper 1Chemistry Paper 3Pendidikan Sivik dan KewarganegaraanBiology Paper 3Physics Paper 2Physics Paper 1Chemistry Paper 1Sejarah Paper 2Chemistry Paper 2

Overall (excluding PJK and Sivik) MathematicsPendidikan IslamAdditional MathematicsBahasa MelayuEnglishBiologyP…

The 25 Week 22

Good afternoon! This is my weekly chart for singles. Only 25 songs are eligible to enter the singles chart.
'Kerek Egész' ascends one spot to the top after failed to debut at No. 1 last week. 'Broken Angel' also ascends one spot from No. 3. 'Cinta Gila' by Ramlah Ram, 'Uit Het Oog, Niet Uit Mijn Hart' by Ruth Jacott & Edsilia Rombley, 'Spotlight' by Glee Cast and 'Something in the Water' by Brooke Fraser debut at No. 3, 4,5 and 6 respectively. 'Spotlight' is the first song by Glee Cast to be in top 5. Former The25 No. 1 'A Good Sign' falls to No. 7. In addition, 'Fix You' is the first song to chart in a week sung by two different artists (Coldplay and Glee Cast). 12 songs are making their debut and only 2 re-entries this week.

Biggest jump: Fairytale by Alexander Rybak (19-12) Biggest fall: My Man by Jade Ewen (4-16) Debut  : 12 songs Re-enter : 2 songs * It is the first time in the history of The25 to have song (