Hotter Than Fire | Preview

Well we don’t know about you, but to us, this is pretty much EVENT POP! The arrival of a brand new Eric Saade single.

It’s ‘Hotter Than Fire’, it’s featuring Dev, and it’s released this Wednesday. However, Eric is allowing fans to hear an exclusive preview of it right here and right now. So let’s not wait any further shall we……

Click here to listen to the preview.

Just like he raised his game from the ‘Masquerade’ era to the ‘Saade Vol.1′ era, so ‘Hotter Than Fire’ does genuinely feel like he’s moved up to yet another level. It’s intensely catchy – not just the chorus, but the verses too. For reasons that will become clear when you hear the full thing, we haven’t quite been able to forget the word(s?) “advance-vance……..a-advance-vance“! Fans of name checks at the beginning of songs will also be pleased to hear Eric triumphantly announce the presence of Dev, and Dev herself acknowledge Eric Saade at the start of ‘Hotter Than Fire’. And yes – she does pronounce Saade correctly!
But we really should stop ourselves there and save our full review of the song for tomorrow………

Because tomorrow, Eric is allowing fans to listen to the FULL SONG.
See you then!

via Scandipop

My review:  The song is quite fantastic but I am a little disappointed of the song. I thought it would be better as 'Popular'. It might be good but it will now be in my favourite. I hope it would get better after I listened to the whole song.

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