MY Sound 10

The tenth edition of MY Sound will start on Tuesday, 7 February 2012. Ten songs will be competing to represent Malaysia in Ourvision Song Contest (OVSC) 22. All competing songs are as below.

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  • Eleven artists will return for the tenth edition of Malaysian Sound.
  • All songs competing in this edition are returning songs.
  • Three runner-ups and four previous winners of MY Sound will also be participating in this edition.
  • The most experienced song in MY Sound, a three-way duet by former winner, Ning Baizura featuring Yanie and another former winner, Nikki Palikat entitled "Drama" will enter to have another chance to win MY Sound after managed to get second place twice out of three tries.
  • Jaclyn Victor, who is the winner of MY Sound 3 along with Ning Baizura and Shila, will enter again with her song "Gemilang".
  • James Baum will make his fourth appearance with his two songs that falied to win in the previous editions since his victory in the first ever Malaysian Sound. With this, he is the first male artist and the second artist overall after Nikki Palikat who have two songs competing in an edition simultaneously.
  • Nikki Palikat extends two of her records in MY Sound, which are being the only artist to participate in MY Sound for six times and entering MY Sound with two songs competing simultaneously for the second time since MY Sound 5. She also makes a new record in MY Sound history that is being the only artist to participate in MY Sound for three times in a row.

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Please cast your vote in MY Sound 10. Click here to vote. The voting will close on Monday, 13 February 2012. Terima kasih.

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