The Way You Move | Ne-Yo featuring Trey Songz and T-Pain

 'The Way You Move' by Ne-Yo featuring Trey Songz and T-Pain. The music video of the song was just been released on October 27. I've listened to the song and watched the music video just halfway through it and I think I will not watch it again because it is so boring. The song is okay but I think it is so boring to listen as I was expecting a better song from Ne-Yo. Besides, if you notice it, this is the first song from Ne-Yo that I have listened that features other artists. All of his songs are sung by only him. The song is just bad, I think though I tried to make good impression on this song in my head. But, I could not do that because the song has nothing good to offer me. In the moment, I think I have lost my music taste and my expert criticism and taste in music. Damn it. Maybe I listened to quite a lot European songs. Maybe, it is caused by online contest like Ourvision Song Contest. Anyway, nice spectacles Ne-Yo! Enjoy the video (if you want to listen to it)! :P

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