Through My Window get 4th place in OVSC!

'Through My Window' sung by Bunkface get 4th place in final of OurVision Song Contest #3 with 188 points. That is a great accomplishment for a country like us. Most of European do not know where Malaysia is located and some of them have never heard of a country named Malaysia. So, it's great to be no.4 in a international contest like this. What's more, the song won the first Semi-final of OVSC! Impressive! The song won the semi-final with 162 points. In addition, I won the Jury Award in OurVision Song Contest #3! Congratulation to me. Hahaa!!

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Other participation
  1. I send song sung by Stacy entitled 'Jahat' in World Music Contest #2. The song qualified for the final and ended up at no. 11 in the final with 91 points, beating famous songs like Set Fire to The Rain by Adele and Boyfriend by Big Time Rush.
  2. After I send song 'Jahat', I discovered OurVision Song Contest and I send song entitled 'Ilusi' sung by Adira and the song get no. 22 in the final with 44 points.
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