Raya-Merdeka Doodle

Google puts up special Raya-Merdeka doodle

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 31 (Bernama) -– Browsers of the Google website today found a very special Merdeka Day present from Google Malaysia which has come up with its very own decorative logo or doodle to commemorate the unique double celebration -– Aidilfitri and Malaysia's National Day.

Visitors to google.com.my today will see the Google logo decorated with a "ketupat" and a Malaysian flag to reflect "Merdeka Raya."

"We are delighted to add a special Malaysian design to our doodle list, especially since it is a rare double celebration this year.

"While Google is a global brand, we want to be as local as we can in our own Googley way. We wish all Malaysians a Selamat Hari Raya and Merdeka Day " said Sajith Sivanandan, the country head of Google Malaysia in a statement.

Google doodles have delighted users over the years and have proven to be an endearing part of the whole Google experience.

Many Malaysians, obviously delighted to see the "Merdeka Raya" doodle, flooded the social media site with their commendation.

While some regarded it as "cute," others were more expressive, like the following remark: "Google's logo today is on Malaysia's independence and Hari Raya. Awesomesauce!!!"

One tweeted that "this Merdeka Raya concept from Google is very simple, yet attractive ... at least for me" while another said, "Memang ada style lah." (It's stylish.)

Google has celebrated and marked everything from Alfred Hitchcock's birthday to leap years, where a team of designers are employed to come up with these doodles.

Said one tweet: "Happy Merdeka, folks! Nice of Google to do this."

     In my opinion, this Raya-Merdeka doodle from Google Inc. is awesome and stylish. And it is great to see things like this. People from all over the world might know that today is Malaysia's independence day (if they surf google.com.my).

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