TV Series Upcoming Season

Assalamualaikum! Today I'm going to talk about the upcoming season of several TV series or TV shows. Most of my favourite TV series will be premiered on September. Below is the date of season premiere of the next season for the TV series or TV shows that I will watch.

TV Series
Season Premiere
Season Finale
Chuck Season 5
21 October 2011
Glee Season 3
20 September 2011
Happy Endings
28 September 2011
How I Met Your Mother Season 7
19 September 2011
May 2012
Leverage Season 4
26 June 2011
The Amazing Race Season 19
25 September 2011
White Collar Season 3
7 June 2011

I really want to watch the next season of 'How I Met Your Mother'. I am so curious who Barney Stinson is marrying with. Besides, this is the first time I will be watching the season premiere's episode on the date of the season premiere (basically I will watch it one day after the episode has been aired). I also want to know Chuck's life without the Intersect and Morgan's life with Intersect in 'Chuck' final season. Glee...I don't know. The ending of Season 2 is not really good but I will keep up with the season. 'Happy Endings' is the TV series I am currently watching and the second sitcom TV series I have watch after 'How I Met Your Mother'. That will be all for today. Thanks for reading!

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